About Music

Somehow, It is the human nature that makes us think that the past was better. People from the 90’s worship the 90′ and everything from the day or they even go deeper by mourning over more distant days.
It’s the same with those from the 80′, 70′ and 60’s.
Often, during this kind of debates, it is inevitable talk about music, glorifying the specific sound from each era.
“Music was best in 60’s”, “Music was good in 90’s” “I loved the sound of cavemen banging on the rocks with sticks”.
In a way, this is ridiculous and totally unnecessary. It only shows that one is insecure in his taste of music and that he feels threatened by other genres of music. It is natural that we talk about the metal music scene and the people who talk shit about everything that isn’t true death, black or thrash and maybe, but just maybe Metallica is ok.
Other metal genres like metalcore, nu metal, death core, post hardcore and so on, are often criticized and described as shit and metal for pussies.
I mean how dare you sing clean vocals? The way it’s been done for the last 100+ years. How dare you sing about anything else than Hell, murder and Lord Of The Rings?
Okay, maybe we went to far but there are people like this believe us! But we don’t want to “fight fire with fire”. We just want to say to those people we have huge amount of respect for what you listen, hell, we listen to that our selves. But metal as a music genre HAS TO GROW in order not to be eaten by the today’s music industry. Sure, there are bands who took it a little bit to far with pop and techno in their songs but usually those bands are having fun and are not even taking themselves to seriously.
What defines metal as music? To us it’s aggression, sincerity and lots and lots of fun, you will find that in every metal subgenera.
In the end we all listen to metal! You may listen to black metal or metalcore, it’s all metal wether you like it or not!
We are all part of the same community so love and respect each other!
\m/ Cheers!