Raise Me Higher

On December 17th we released „Raise me Higher“.

We, a metalcore band from Umag, a small croatian town where metalcore never really evolved in something powerfull. Almonst no one, out of 10.000 inhabitants that the city counts, supports the genre.

All odds were against us, and still are to be honest but… after less than a mounth the video surpassed 100.000 (10 times our hometown) and got positive feedback form all around the world. Music magazines from all around Europe joined this crazy little adventure of ours, and it became even crazyer when magazines from Asia and the Americas joined in too.
We filmed video in Umag in collaboration with our friends from SONICYUT Creative Laboratory (Italy). And like they helped us many other friends did the same… from the recording to the filming through the marketing. Everythingwe did we did it with friends that gave us the support and love we needed to make it heppen in the end.

Since then we released „The Statement of a Broken Mind“, the first video from the trilogy „Songs Against Bombs“ and we are closer and closer to announcing our first LP albums release date.