Meant To Be is a Croatian Metalcore band from Umag. The band, active since 2014, currently consists of Alen Hodović (Vocals), Marko Purišić (Guitar and backing vocals,) Denis Nadarević (Guitar), Nola Filipović (Bass) and Martin Purišić (Drums).
The band released their debut EP Veni Vidi Vici in 2014, from which came the single by the same name. The sound of the EP adds something “nu” to its metalcore foundations. The aggressive guitar riffs, the mixture of “in the face” and clean vocals, the fast paced drums and the accompaniment of classical instruments which include Violins, Violas, Timpani as well as different types of brass instruments fit perfectly the anti-war message they try to send. Although human rights, anti-imperialism and the deterioration of society is what fuels them, they have a more intimate side in which they describe everyday struggles. From all of that we can see that the members were influenced by a wide range of artists, from traditional pop to heavy metal.

The Veni Vidi Vici EP is out on: